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Trinity Wrap Inc. is a company catering to printing of packaging materials. We are one of the finest Rotogravure Printing for Packaging Materials Company based in Hyderabad, India, driven by desire to provide brands of all sizes the best of standards to stay competitive in their markets with high-quality printing and packaging materials.



At Trinity Wrap Inc. we wish to build a reputation as the one-stop source for all effective solutions in the flexible and specialty packaging industry.



We are on a mission to strongly sustain our standing in the packaging industry by delivering more supreme quality materials and unmatched customer service with the most innovative possibilities by supplying high-grade products on time, every time.


Sudeep Raj Dadiga

Mr. Sudeep Raj Dadiga started his career as an Investment Portfolio Manager in Franklin Templeton and worked there for a span of two years. His passion to enter the business world made him leave his job and look for opportunities. 

After a lot of research around the field of printing, he gathered industrial knowledge and experience through his freelancing work in the packaging industry. He then worked for some companies such as Pranav Industries and Primotex that aided him to gain real time experience in the field. He then established Trinity Wrap Inc. with a goal to become one of the best in the field of printing and packaging.


Penugonda Harsha Vardhan, CA.

A Qualified Chartered Accountant, Mr. Penugonda Harsha Vardhan wanted to put his expertise in the field of Finance to good use. His hidden aspiration to become an entrepreneur and a dream to build a business of his own, enabled him to join Trinity Wrap Inc. in 2022. 

Mr. Harsha’s expertise in the field of finance, accounting and administration helps him provide the relevant know-how in all the important financial and crucial managerial aspects of the company.

G. Balasubramanyam

G.Balasubramanyam, has been in the field of Packaging industry for more than 25 years. He has significant experience across operations, product development, strategic planning, lead generation and marketing levels in the industry, which act as a boon for the company's growth.


As the Chief Marketing Officer at Trinity Wrap Inc., Mr.Balasubramanyam is responsible for creating and accelerating the company’s marketing strategy and brand recognition across the country. He is focused on driving the company vision of providing flexible and quality packaging across all sectors and to promote our exceptional product development and purpose driven initiatives.  

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